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Meet FMG's Femme 3: Melli Isha, Asha, and Ms. Day

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Melli Isha: Fearless, this Caribbean Queen had some thinking she stepped away from music after her debut single “I CAN NOT FEAR,” dropped! Far from it, Melli Isha tells us she has stocked piled a slew of songs as she prepares to hit the lab.

When asked where she's been hiding? She explained, she been flying around the country modeling and shooting videos. While her love for music has never fizzled, Melli Isha's focusing on doing what pays the bills. But admittedly, the time away has been good for her creativity as she prepares to drop her next single 1st quarter 2022!

Excited, lets see what she and Tedy P cooks up!

A'sha: One of Atlanta’s most sought after Independent Female Vocalist, is far from Over IT! After her chart topping song “OVER IT” hit the streets, this lovely lady's booked and busy! Feature after feature, she barely had time to drop her next project “4 Me.” Loaded with new music produced by engineer extraordinaire, Tedy P, A’sha is primed and ready. “4 ME” (the next single) locked and loaded, is set to release before Christmas! Until then, sit back and enjoy her popular single “OVER IT” or check out the smashing duet with Stevie Rizo, “WHEN WE RIDE!”

It will not disappoint!

Ms. Day: Unapologetically her, Day's cross over single, “I’M ME” is blazing the radio waves. From music charts, to being placed on “Black Ink Crew Chicago” Episode 4. Ms. Day has surpassed her first single “WALK.”

When asked, “What's amazed her the most this year?” She replied “seeing My Father in action! From new radio shows, to tours, and even VH1, it can’t be nothing but him!” With 2022 kept under tight wraps, Ms. Day is far from hitting her stride, she's set to drop “NEW DAY” before Christmas.

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