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Ol' Pete

I remember when I was younger, I would see this guy walking around town mumbling to himself. We would pass him and my siblings, and I would laugh. My mother would look in the rearview mirror and say leave Pete Mallard alone. About 10 years later, I was hanging out with some friends in front of the store when I noticed this gray-haired old man walking down the street. I asked my friend Jeremiah, "Man, what's up with Pete?" He responded, "dude crazy as all get out!". As he approached us to go into the store, Jeremiah told him, "Man, you're crazy for talking to yourself." He replied, "I'm talking to Jesus, and you're crazy for not talking to him. " In the eyes of a sinner, talking to God may look crazy if you don't have any knowledge of communicating with God. I asked myself later that day if I was crazy for not talking to God.

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