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Sitcom Love "You So Crazy"

Sauve Colione just dropped a Klassick! Sitcom Love is reminiscent of Rembrandt's "The Jewish Bride". I found myself in front of my stereo watching the speakers display greatness in megahertz.

Sitcom Love paints the similarities of God's love and Intimacy on the canvas of our brains. It's a masterpiece, that personifies the love of Martin and Gina, Ricky and Lucy, and not to mention Kyle and Kadijah.

The cover art speaks volumes that resonate "You So Crazy" to the hearts of the listeners. The vivid expression of love sets the tone for grace and laughter, which equals happiness. We need more Sitcom Love in our lives.

Sauve Colione's tone and delivery take me back to the Late Great Black Rob. WHOA! The chorus was perfectly orchestrated to match the dope production and to top it off with the flawless bars of consciousness.

Atlanta's own is now in the conversation as a CHH great. I'm excited to hear his 3rd album

"The Revelation" which releases 2/6/22. Get those pre-saves now!

I rate this song a perfect 10 out of 10!

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