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TVRNED UP has great energy that highlights progression. The chorus has overruns in certain parts: Ray G definitely laid in the cut like Neosporin!

The production gave me that Tyga vibe with melodic tones and punchy kicks. Ray G has that West Coast flow with a new age delivery.

I was immediately pulled in the direction of The Game with some apparent flashes of Nip.

I am excited to hear more from this artist. There is no doubt with the ensemble of praise and joy given, who he serves! God has an impact on Ray G's calling to deliver us the Word Ray G style (made it his own)!

I found myself cranking this Jawn to the max! This song has the potential to be special. Today's audience loves to get up and dance and worship.

TVRNED UP is nothing short of spectacular! Ray G has delivered a BANGER! Be on the lookout for his new EP "Overtime!"

We give TVRNED UP an 8.5 out of 10 for its clarity, production, and message!

#tvrnedup #newmusic #riseandshine #kingdombarz


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