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Virgil Abloh Fulfilled His Wildest Dreams. May He Rest in Peace, 1980-2021

Virgil Abloh, a pioneering artist and designer whose work spanned fashion, architecture, music, and art, died on Sunday, Nov. 28 of cardiac angiosarcoma, a rare cancer. He was 41.

His family announced his death Sunday via his Instagram page and revealed that Abloh was diagnosed with cancer in 2019 but chose to fight it privately. In September 2019, he told Vogue that his doctor advised him to take a break from travel. Abloh didn’t say he was dealing with cancer, but he did offer that it took him more effort than usual to bounce back from an overseas trip, which led him to seeing a doctor. The doctor said Abloh’s pace coupled with extensive travel and a heavy workload wasn’t good for his health, and ordered Abloh to work from home for the next three months.