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We Need "ENERGY"

Do you remember those letters in grade school, "Do you like me please circle yes or no?" ENERGY has taken me back to my middle school crush. Hanging out by the lockers waiting for the bell to ring to get that look! The artwork gave me a sense of togetherness, displaying affection.

Ray G released another single showing us his versatility with a Midwest style of twisting up that flow! Ray G describes the effect of empathy times 10. I'm a big fan of reaching; nonetheless, I feel this Jawn overall feel didn't move me as anticipated. My reasons would start with the track intro, and overall direction of the song. I feel the track was a little too trappy with the 808's. However, the mix was amazing, without a doubt.

Let's talk about the chorus delivered by Dia Viola. It was dope. I definitely dig the Gwen Stefanie, and RES similarly picked up. Dia Viola delivered with her style and grace. Ray G's message was good, and I was able to relate to it. I am just not a fan of the production. The track isn't bad; it's just a bad fit for me. I'm waiting for the next Ray G chapter to be written! I give ENERGY 7.5 out of 10 for it's mix, bars and chorus!

#riseandshine #ryzewithus #brightdaemcee #goodenergy #rayg

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